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What is Mother's Connection?

The Mother's Connection of the Farmington Valley is a local network of mothers with young children. It is a unique volunteer organization that fosters meaningful connections. Members create a sense of community during their child-rearing years by supporting each other with advice and recommendations, by sponsoring mother and child-related activities, and by offering support for Moms of all seasons.  MCFV is made up of 4 main components:


Child Centered Events:  

-Easter Party

-Kick off to Summer Picnic

-Halloween Parade

-Holiday Party in December

-Playgroups/Park Meet-ups

-Community Outings (i.e. library story time, local tours, the zoo, crafts)


Babysitting Co-Op: 

-"Swap" babysitting times with other local moms

Mom's Night Out:

-Dinners out

-Craft outings

-Paint Nights

Community Outreach and Support for Moms:

-Fundraisers to support local non-profits and schools, including Connecticut Children's Medical Center, The CT Humane Society, and local diaper banks

-Meal train for new Moms or other members in need

-Ability to seek advice and support from other local moms

Meet Our Board

Kate Tripp


Jean English Manseau.jpg

Jean English Manseau

Community outreach

Jessica Komarow.jpg
Jess Marie.jpg

Jessica S

New Memner Coordinator

Kelly MJ.jpg






meg lawrence.png
michelle reynolds.jpg

Michelle R

New Member Coordinator

Cammy D.jpg

Jessica K.


 Emily Cayton

Event Coordinator 

Meg Lawrence

Playgroup Coordinator


Website + Public Relations

Kate Solomon

Event Coordinator

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